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I am a 40 something female who has a great love for crafts...any crafts. I love quilting, I collect fabrics, books and patterns. I enjoy traditional patterns in bright colors. My favorite fabrics are batiks and brights. Because I am a great collector...I now have a stash that is out of control. My goal for the upcoming year is to reduce my stash. I won't stop collecting so I need to become more productive.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Up, Up and Away.....I am off!

Well everyone I am gone. Have a happy and safe Christmas. Remember the reason for this glorious holiday season.

Hugs and Blessings!


Christmas Pictures

Well, here a few more holiday photos.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Thursday Night Photos

This is my Dirty Santa gift.....it is a candle warmer for small candles, votives. I have large Yankee Candle Jars.....I will have to search for the other one (that I lost!!). Isn't it pretty.
Here are some of the individual gifties....ornaments, luggage tags...great!Here we have another group of gifties....a personalized fob, ornament and sewing organizer.
This group of gifties include a wreath ornament made of Hemlocks....no idea what they are...hmmm, need to read up on local plants. A great ornament made with buttons....and the cutest little hand embroidered pin cushion...so cute!!!

This year there were 4 very popular items...a black and white bag, a black,white and red sewing set (both of which were handmade), a candle warmer (Jim Shore...I didn't get it) and a gift certificate to a local quilt shop.

Christmas Party number 3! Whew....didn't think I would make it through the week but I did. Three Christmas parties , making gifties, food preparation, cleaning house ( yes, cleaning house.)....working,working out..tooo much for a normal person.
Blessings to All!!!

Promised Photos

This is from my Stitch Group party on Tuesday night. We had a ornament and fat quarter swap. Not really "Dirty Santa" you just picked a wrapped package and that was it. I really like my fat quarter and I am a snowman person for sure....so smiling really big!

The rule for the fat quarter is....I have to make something with it and bring it to the next Christmas party....hmm.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Well, my third Christmas party this week was tonight, had a great time with "Dirty Santa". The individual gifts were fantastic..will post pictures tomorrow. The food was amazing...ate too much again. But I will have these thighs in the gym tomorrow morning...yes, I will.

The most exciting segment was the "Quilter's Version of Twelve Days of Christmas"....so amazingly funny!

I arrived home to find this gadget in my email box. What???! Wow....it must be fantastic. I am so tempted to purchase one...why, just to see what the difference is and why does it cost more than double, no triple the price of the other rotary cutters. Maybe Santa will get me one...hehe!

Well...Grey's Anatomy is waiting for me on Tivo along with a nice cold bottle of Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch.

Hugs and Blessings!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Party Number #1

Tonight was the start of my Christmas parties. Tonight's party was with my Stitchers Etc group....nice group, I really like the people and had a wonderful time. I wish I could attend more meetings....perhaps with the New Year, changes will happen.

We had great food (ate too much) and a wonderful fat quarter and ornament exchange. No Dirty Santa with this group. The rules for the fat quarter is that in 2008 you must bring back a completed project which includes the fat quarter. I picked a red on red snow flake print...love red, and love, love snowflakes. The fat quarter served as the wrapping for the cutest snowman ornament...so cute. Will post photo tomorrow.

Need to finish up gift tags for Christmas party #2.

Blessings to All!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stash Reduction Effort

Stash reduction efforts for the week were good. I finished "Wild and Crazy" Stars which was completely from my stash. 32 fat quarters, 3 yards of background fabric, and 6 yards of fabric for backing....ALL FROM STASH!!!

Tablerunner...not completely finished was also from stash. This will be a gift..so no picture for now.

Cut up 36 fat quarters for next month's Stash busting quilt.
Purchased the book above. All patterns utilize 6 half yards...great quilts. I have several half yards sets that would work great.
Most importantly....no fabric...I purchased no fabric!