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I am a 40 something female who has a great love for crafts...any crafts. I love quilting, I collect fabrics, books and patterns. I enjoy traditional patterns in bright colors. My favorite fabrics are batiks and brights. Because I am a great collector...I now have a stash that is out of control. My goal for the upcoming year is to reduce my stash. I won't stop collecting so I need to become more productive.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 2009

Happy 2009!!!

Well, what have you decided to do differently this year?

I try not to make resolutions because I always fail usually by the second day. I went to the gym this morning and didn't even go it....there were so many people there I thought....oh no!! It is usually like that for the first two weeks then it returns to normal by the end of the month..smile!

I will take my walk in the neighborhood during my least favorite show....Today's show 9 -10AM...can't stand Kathy Lee!!! That is if my stomach returns to normal....I think I have a little virus....I don't feel sick just keeping the bathroom really busy, if you get my drift.

Okay...back to starting off the year right!!

I have a problem....shopping. I know this , everyone who knows me knows this and I have had it for a long, long time. Probably since I was in my early 20's.

Nothing really spurs my shopping habit...it is just a way of life. Well, I need to stop and I will. Well...not stop, let's not get crazy just slow down some.

Another issue...is I am running out of storage room. Just that thought of packing and moving...really scares me.Every closet in my house is full of stuff. I need to make time to purge and clean, purge and clean...that is my goal for 2009.

1. Purge and Clean.
No room will be left untouched, closets will be cleaned out and lots of things will be donated to local charities.

A few bloggers are trying to complete at least on craft project a month...I thought about that and decided not to join...simply because I did that one year and that was a complete failure. I do travel a lot. My job hours are long and to have to complete another job is just problematic!

2. Learn how to hand applique.
I love hand work....and my stitching is so bad with applique. So practice, practice!

3. Decrease shopping and collecting habit.
Several businesses may go under if I stop completely...hehe!!

What are you changing in 2009?

Happy New Year and many blessings!