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I am a 40 something female who has a great love for crafts...any crafts. I love quilting, I collect fabrics, books and patterns. I enjoy traditional patterns in bright colors. My favorite fabrics are batiks and brights. Because I am a great collector...I now have a stash that is out of control. My goal for the upcoming year is to reduce my stash. I won't stop collecting so I need to become more productive.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So,So Behind

Our guild hosted Judy Niemeyer this week. She taught two great workshops...Sunflower Illusion and Indian Summer. I attended the Sunflower Illusion workshop....I learned so much!! Her techniques are amazing. Now paper piecing isn't my thing....I would love to do it and enjoy the process but up until now I have not be able to do it.

I purchased lots of patterns so I am invested...smile.

I really enjoyed her teaching technique but my confidence in knowing what I am doing is truly lacking....badly.

I plan to attend a class utilizing her techniques in January. Hopefully I will improve.

No pictures to share of her beautiful quilts, sorry....I was really stressing about understanding everything and getting my block made. I made the block but one small piece was short so I will redo.

I am so behind on everything, my blocks of the month....everything.

I spoke with a quilting friend about how she is able to get so much done. She tries to sew everyday....hmm, could I do that I wonder?She also sews a lot on the weekend. I work incredibly long hours and usually by the time I do get home and feed myself, the furry friends, answer mail, email and phone calls. It is time to stop, go to bed and start the day all over again.

I am going to try to sew at least on my days off.....I don't think I will be able to sew after work....I do believe I will be unsewing a lot.

This week I am scheduled to attend a girls getaway.....I am hoping to rest, relax, eat and sew...maybe I can caught up on my blocks of the month....smile!

Hugs and Blessings!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Athens Guild


Go to the end of the blog and view some photos from the Athens Quilt Show. I am a little late posting..sorry.



Friday, October 03, 2008

So Much for Stashbusting

Okay...I am supposed to be busting my fabric stash right...well, that is and was the plan.

So why did I purchase....uggh!!! Nearly $500 worth of books and fabric???? I am a stress shopper and eater. I am trying to drop 10 pounds ....so eating was out of the question, so shopping it had to be.

My mother had a biopsy today...I wasn't worried originally but then I thought...I need to be there. I really need to be there. Instead of traveling the 3,000 miles back to the West Coast I went shopping for a quilt class later this month.....and apparently for a lot of other projects as well.

I decided to stop by Judy's Blog and see what I needed to gather for the Quilt an Hour project and was shocked that someone had the nerve to complain about Judy.

Called her selfish!!!??? What! She gives free patterns to everyone....we are currently doing a Star BOM...she provides two patterns FREE!! every month. She has designed a Quilt for an Hour project...once again FREEE!!! Perhaps whoever you are....you need to get out your dictionary and look up the meaning of SELFISH because it just may be you!